Relational Algebra Translator  v.3 3

RAT allows students to write statements in relational algebra which are translated to SQL language in order to verify the correct syntax for these expressions.

Dee (makes Python relational)  v.0.12

An implementation of a truly relational database language with Python.


JSP Enterprise Relational Manager  v.rc

Provides a uniform web-based interface to different Relational Database Management Systems.

Object-Relational Bridge for python  v.0.9

``Modeling'': an Object-Relational Bridge for python.

Relational Databases to OO Classes  v.0.1.0

rdb2oo is a project to create source code for classes which correspond to tables in a relational database.

Relational Data Explorer  v.1 1

(RDE) is a tool to comfortably navigate between database tables and csv/txt files connected by foreign key relationships. It is not meant as database administration tool treating tables as isolated monoliths,

Concise Object Relational Architecture  v.1.0.6

COBRA is a small Java based application server featuring automatic mapping of Java objects to the RDBMS.

PdoMap : the PHP ORM relational mapper  v.2.1.alpha

pdoMap is a robust PHP ORM mapper with many OOP features.

Relational DataScript  v.0.34

DataScript is a formal language for modelling binary datatypes, bitstreams or file formats.

Relational DKP  v.

This addon provides a tool to determine who is most deserving of a given piece of loot based on the work they've done for the guild vs.

ORM Studio Community Edition  v.1.5

ORM Studio provides Object-Role Modeling at its finest. Analyse and Design Relational and Graph Databases using ORM. This Community Edition of ORM Studio provides supports import and export of Fact-Based Models in their native .fbm format.

Pilot3D  v.1 20

Pilot3D is the lowest priced, full-featured, relational trimmed NURB curve and surface 3D modeling program on the market, with features not found in any other software, at any price.

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